What is A Better Version?

This blog grows out of a belief:

Every person and every organization has a unique identity inherent within them. Some of the most important work that any person or organization can do is discovering that uniqueness, and then harnessing it to become a better version of themselves.


Wait. Have I heard that idea before?

The idea is certainly not original with me. Here are some others who've talked about it:

1. Plato believed there is an ideal form that each object or person is based on. Aristotle built on that idea to create the even nerdier concept of entelechy, the idea that every object and person is in the process of striving toward its form, becoming more and more like its ideal. 

2. Thomas Merton believed that some people are afraid of God because they believe he'll keep them from being themselves. On the contrary, argued Merton: it's only through a relationship with God that we can become who we really are. 

3. The Prototyping trend within startups, continuous improvement, and innovation in general emphasizes constant work on understanding and improving your model or your product.

4.  Patrick Lencioni has argued, over several wonderful books, that the role of any leadership team is to create organizational clarity, and then to row together in the same direction based on that clarity. I love that, but I'd like to take his ideas one step farther:

The act of business planning or life planning—in other words, charting out a unique course for the future based on your uniqueness—will actually create incremental progress toward your vision, resulting in a better version of you.

What can you expect from this blog?

Visit this blog—or even subscribe to its feed—and you can expect to get insight on:

  • How to discover your own unique identity, or your organization's
  • What to do if your identity doesn't seem unique
  • Inspirational examples of people and brands who have embraced their unique identity
  • How to move from your status quo to a better version of yourself
  • How a unique identity shapes competitiveness
  • How a unique identity can shape organizational decisions and culture
  • How a unique identity can shape career planning, resumes, and job hunting
  • Uniting your team behind a unique identity
  • How and when to check in on your progress toward that better version

Thanks again for visiting, and do leave a comment if you've found something helpful or thought-provoking. If A Better Version is the kind of approach your team could benefit from, consider talking with ALIGN about where you could start.

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