From surviving to thriving — Blacks Electrical Supply

Blacks Electrical 10th anniversary.jpg

Blacks Electrical Supply is a regional supplier of electrical wiring and fixtures. Their customers are electricians, and what they sell is often considered to be commodities. 

For many years—even decades—Blacks had led their industry in the area they supplied. But by 2012, in their 59th year, business had declined so much that they feared they may not make it to their 60th anniversary. 

The company’s interim President recruited Chris and Will to help turn the ship around. Every dollar had to count. The futures of many people were riding on the results. 

We led a major rebrand for Blacks, including a completely redefined approach to their market. Chris and Will also created two key new ways that Blacks would engage with their customers—ways that fit a 21st-century electrical contractor. 

The results were tremendous. Blacks not only lived to see their 60th anniversary, but threw a huge party to celebrate it. They retook their leadership in the market, and their 60th year became their best financial year ever as a company. To top it all off, their rebranding won a major international award. 

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By helping us truly re-align with our customers, we went from survival to thriving in less than a year. Chris and Will’s humility, great questions, and discovery process helped us arrive at the right plan that fit us like a glove. If you are looking to get your business ‘unstuck’ and grow to the next level, from someone who’s taken that leap I would highly recommend you do the same. It might be the best investment you ever make in your business.
— Craig Owens, Interim President