As Peter Drucker has said, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." 

Every organization, and every team has a culture. The challenge is that, for many businesses, that culture has happened by accident. 

If it's working—and people are accidentally rowing in similar directions—no one could recreate that culture (at a new location or on a new team) if they tried.

If it's not working—and people are rowing in all different directions—no one knows how to change it for the better. 


Grow the culture that will help your organization succeed.

Since every organization is trying to do something distinct (at least, it should be), it makes sense that every culture will be at least a little bit different.

We help you discover your most effective culture for your team, create it for the first time, or turn it around if it's gone off the rails.

Depending on your situation that work might look like:

          • Discovering and documenting your values 

          • Crafting your brand's personality

          • Diagnosing how your bad culture is being (accidentally?) rewarded

          • Designing ways to celebrate or incentivize your best culture

          • Helping your team to identify with and own your culture personally

          • Solving challenges with conflict or accountability

          • Helping you harness team members' distinct thinking styles

          • Designing an effective rhythm for internal communication & meetings