Taking it to the next level — Daniel Builders


Daniel Builders is a high-end renovation company in Upstate, South Carolina. They can help a homeowner update a kitchen or bathroom, or reimagine an entire house.

By late 2018, they realized they were not growing as much as they wanted to, so they brought in Chris and Will to help unlock that growth.

After our initial discovery process, it became clear what work would provide the most immediate results. The company’s on-boarding process took too long—long enough that many good prospects grew impatient and left to work with a competitor. In addition, though, many who weren’t a good fit stuck around far too long, until they got sticker shock. 

By early 2019, we had completely redesigned that on-boarding process, and launched it with the Daniel Builders team. The new process kept the best of what was already working, but dropped the time from more than 60 days to less than 10. Just as importantly, the new process engaged and delighted customers in brand new ways.  

ALIGN entered into our DNA and understood who we are as individuals and as a company. Somehow they captured the distinctions we were aiming for, and worked within them to create a process that is brand new, but also a natural outgrowth of who we are. They unleashed our gifting. And they did truly help us to grow: not just helping us to become more efficient, but also defining who we are better.
— Bob Cord, Owner
Before ALIGN, I was spinning my wheels and spending an inordinate amount of my time with prospects. The upgraded process they implemented has freed me up so much, that I now have the time to tackle the other work that will be critical to our growth as a company.
— Daniel Jachens, Owner
ALIGN helped us identify the 20% of work that would give us the 80% of the results.
— Will Cord, Marketing Director