From plateau to climbing — Five14 Adventure Tours

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Five14 is a family of social businesses operating in Southeast Asia. They run several B&Bs, a cafe, and an adventure company operating in remote regions of the Himalayan mountains. Their mission is to eliminate human trafficking and exploitation through ethical and responsible tourism.

By 2015, the company had reached a plateau at 30 employees. Things were starting to break. The founders were getting burned out after 5 years, and felt like the business was running them rather than the other way around. Expansion felt like a burden, not a fun thing. They were thinking about throwing in the towel and closing the business down, even though they believed in the mission and lives in the villages where they operated were being transformed.

Five14 hired Chris to take a deep dive into the business, and help them reshape the vision and strategy for the next 10 years. Chris helped clarify the mission, to make it more clear and compelling. He also led an organizational restructuring, to make everything simpler, and to form a true leadership team. And he helped develop a sales strategy and pipeline, redefine the market, and implement a company-wide upgrade for every critical process. 

The results? Not only did Five14 immediately become more profitable, but everyone in the organization now had a clear sense of where they were going, how they were going to get there, and how they contributed to that destination. The founders became re-energized not just to stay, but to build a flourishing organization. For the first time, they felt like they were running the business. In 2017, they even reached their annual revenue goal by April! 

Chris Cloud was a lifesaver to our business and vision. He expertly tackled the issues we were facing and helped us breathe new life into our team. Through Chris’s consultation, we discovered how to effectively implement our vision and guide the company through sustainable growth. From focusing our target market, identifying our special sauce, and getting the right people in the right seats, Chris Cloud has our organization running like a well-oiled machine. If you are an entrepreneur trying to get more out of your business or organization, talk to ALIGN and discover how they can give you the tools to successfully implement your vision.
— Stephen Groves, Director of Operations