Past Flourishment Sessions


May 2019: “how to raise up and unleash leaders who take ownership” with Tim Whitmire

We had our best group yet! Over 30 incredible leaders in Greenville joined us. Tim Whitmire, the co-founder of the largest free-fitness movement in the United States, and OKR consultant to one of the fastest growing tech-startups in the country, shared some key insights:

  • He shared his lessons from his time on the Harvard rowing team, about moving from “Orsman to Coxswain”

  • Must have a clear mission in order to row together.

  • Must have goals with metrics, and hold accountable to those (“Measure what Matters” by John Doerr, 2018).

  • “What’s love got to do with it?” - Tim shared how love is imperative to making any “boat” or organization go faster. There are two types of critical love in an organization: First, “Philia” (in Greek) which is affectionate regard, friendship, usually between equals, most famous expression is “brotherly love”. Second, “Storge” (in Greek) which is the natural empathy that parents feel for their children. It is also used to express the acceptance or endurance of certain situations or individuals. “Storge” love is absolutely critical to the success of an organization so we have to cultivate it.

  • During the workshop we collaborated on our own “OKR’s” (Objectives & Key Results) and developed our inidividual “One Thing” commitments for the month.


April 2019: “what are the core elements of a flourishing business?”

We heard the story of Pete Carroll, the legendary head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, and how he is building a flourishing organization that is completely different than the typical NFL organization. We then collaborated and workshopped out various elements of flourishing, and One Thing we can each take back to our organizations to implement. Some of the elements of flourishing are moving “from X to Y” such as:

  • From Immobile (lacking leadership/destiny) to Mobile

  • From Micromanagement to Empowerment

  • From “What Happened” to Proactive

  • From Stagnation to Fermentation

  • From Mediocrity (resting on laurels, status quo) to Excellence

  • From Management to Servant Leadership

  • From “My way or the highway” to Everyone has a voice

  • From Hiding & Manipulation to Transparency & Trust 

  • From meeting goals/deadlines to An environment of succeeding (not just managing tasks) 

  • From Success as measured primarily by revenue or size (wealth) to People are made in God’s image, and success is holistic 

We have also been working on a longer list of elements of a flourishing organization:

  • From competition to be crushed to competition to be celebrated because it makes us stronger

  • From short-term gains to long-term cultivation mindset

  • From Exploitation (of people and resources) to Investment mentality 

  • From Fortress mentality (personal kingdom) to building partnerships (seeking The Kingdom of Jesus)

  • From Fixed mindset (people don’t really change or grow) to a Growth mindset (we can all grow and should) 

  • From Scarcity mentality to Abundance mentality

  • From Profits over people, to People over profits 

  • From only looking at my corner of work, to considering other factors (such as environmental, political, sociological, cultural)

  • From values-last to values-first

  • From “Business as usual” to “Business as calling” 

  • From business for self to business to serve God & others (stewardship) 

  • From relationships for gain to relationships for love (love your neighbor)

  • From “giving is the exception” to “giving is the norm” 

  • From sacred & secular divided, to sacred & secular united (sacred infiltration) 

  • From copying the competition to leading and innovating

  • From mimicking or avoiding popular culture, to creating unique and intentional culture

  • From “driven by the winds of the market” to “driven by mission"

  • From risk-aversion to faith-driven risk

  • From disdain for this world, to engaged with this world

  • From bowling alone to accepting community

  • From Christian superiority to God can work through whomever He wants 

  • From anemic companies to healthy & flourishing organizations (health is the goal, not the byproduct) 

  • From cynicism to choosing to focus on what is redemptive and good 

  • From Transactional to Relational 

  • From hiding behind “professional” to genuine and authentic 

  • From top down leadership (authoritarian) to servant-leadership (Christ-like, transformational) 


March 2019: “how to build a better community through business”

Chris Cloud shared 2 powerful stories of companies he has worked with, who are literally changing the world through business as the platform, in Nepal and other places. Here are some of the takeaways from the discussion:

  • It can be easier for us to identify “needs” and challenges in another culture, then in our own back yard.

  • We spent time workshopping, “What are some of the challenges in the Upstate?”

  • We then turned those challenges into Opportunities and explored was that each of our organizations could make an impact on one or more area.


Flourishment March Presentation

Chris Cloud shared his heart for business as mission.



We had an incredible time collaborating on how we can each apply these principles from missional businesses, into our own organizations locally.


February 2019: Will Gray presented “how to win customers for life using the Ritz Carlton way”


We had a great time in February!

An incredible group of leaders gathered to meet and hear about the Ritz Carlton way of creating customers for life. The feedback we received was that the most exciting part was the collaborative/interactive part of the session, with actionable takeaways.


Wine Giveaway

Each month we give away a bottle of Napa Valley wine, as a reminder to each of us of how collaborating and sharing ideas and resources will make us and our organizations stronger if we show up with that intent.


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