Every organization is unique. But if you don't have shared clarity about your uniqueness, it hurts. 

Sometimes your organization feels foggy or uncertain. Maybe you're unsure why you can't make the progress you'd like, even when you're trying to row in the same direction.

Other times, there's tension on the team about your future, or significant differences of opinion about your major decisions, and you know you're not rowing together. 


ALIGN helps you create and sustain clarity.

We do it by leading your team to discover your organization's unique identity: who you are, and who you're becoming. We learn from everyone on your team. Then we turn that clarity into practical improvements—both immediate and long-term—that benefit everyone.

Depending on the gap between your status quo and your aspiration, Clarity can look like one or more of the following kinds of work:


          • Crafting an organizational or team vision and mission 

     (what is the destination we're headed toward, together? and how will we get there?)

          • Discovering and harnessing your values

     (what is unique about our priorities & beliefs? how can they help us focus & succeed?)

          • Improving your competitiveness

     (how are we different, and why would people care about that?)

          • Making your clarity practical

     (how does our unique identity work out in a specific part of our organization's life?)