A number of years ago Chris Cloud was at an event where a famous venture capitalist was speaking. The man noticed that he would invest in a company, and that company would predictably reach a ceiling where it would stop growing.

Over time, he realized that companies couldn’t break through these growth ceilings unless they brought in an entirely new management team.

So, he formed a theory: every management team has a growth ceiling, and they won’t be able to grow the company beyond that point—whether that ceiling is $100 million, $3 billion, or $200,000.

Chris wondered: is firing a management team really the only way to break through a growth ceiling?

This set Chris on quest to study growth ceilings and learn how individuals and organizations break through. In 2014, he and Will Gray co-founded ALIGN, to help small businesses break through their growth ceilings.


We’ve identified 7 types of growth ceilings that small businesses between $2 Million and $20 Million are likely to encounter.

We’ve also learned that it’s possible for any small business to break through a growth ceiling. Great news, right?

But two crucial things must be true:

  1. The leadership team must agree that they are at a ceiling. (“We see it”)

  2. They must be open to change about how they are doing things. (“We’re ready”)

After all, as Albert Einstein once wrote, “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” And, as Marshall Goldsmith says, “What got you here won’t get you there.”

We’ve helped dozens of companies break through. What they’ve found is that on the other side of growth ceilings is a vast ocean of flourishing and joy for their business.

Our process:

Here’s the trusted approach we use with every client:

  1. Your leadership team takes our Growth Checkup, so we can diagnose where you are bumping up against a growth ceiling. Usually, there are a few places at the same time.

  2. Then we meet with your leadership for a 2-hour Portrait Session to learn your plans and desires for the business.

  3. We develop a plan for how to break through and begin implementing the systems your business needs, starting with Force Multipliers that will have the greatest impact.

  4. After some time has passed, we Reassess and ensure that your most important measurements have improved.


Contact us now to set up a Good Fit Call. In 15 minutes or less, we can tell you if we can help you grow.