PRACTICAL Consultation right where you need it most.

No matter where you are on the range from startup to mature organization, change creates a space where you can either drift away from your unique identity or continue to translate it faithfully into the future.

For these watershed situations—which come in all forms—ALIGN starts from the strengths of where you are, and helps you grow practically, in real-time, into a better version of who you are as a organization.

If you've not already worked with ALIGN, we'll begin with a half-hour, no-fee conversation to determine what's already in place in your organization, and where consultation could best help to take you to the next level.

Depending on where your organization needs growth, we've helped with:

          • creative problem-solving facilitation

          • defining your minimum viable product (MVP)

          • determining authentic, brand-faithful guidelines for a major decision

          • planning or agenda creation for an upcoming retreat

          • identifying your brand positioning, distinct from your alternatives

          • defining what ideal relationships look like with your customers or major audiences

          • business planning for your (near) future

          • customer experience design

          • improving meetings (internally and/or with clients) 

What to expect:

Consultation engagements are customized to your organization's unique needs, situation, and timeline. We'll make it clear before we begin what we can expect to accomplish together, how quickly, and what options might look like after we've reached natural checkpoints.