We believe in our clients’ stories.

In fact, we don’t consider our work to be a success until it’s helped our clients to succeed.

Here are some stories we’d love to tell you when we get together. Just ask! (& don’t worry, they all have happy endings)

  • The 60-year-old company that had once been dominant but was about to go out of business

  • The company that discovered two offices of employees were threatening to unionize

  • The company that couldn’t figure out why new clients were signing up but then not buying anything

  • The nonprofit whose leadership were paralyzed about making any big decisions about the future

  • The company who wanted to take on the Goliath in its industry through online marketing

After our organization had experienced a period of rapid growth, we found ourselves trying to manage a staff of 30 employees, spinning our wheels and frustrated.
But through Chris’s consultation, we discovered how to effectively implement our vision and guide the company through sustainable growth. From focusing our target market, identifying our special sauce, and getting the right people in the right seats, Chris had our organization running like a well-oiled machine.
— Stephen Groves, Five14 Nepal executive team
Will is a brilliant communicator, idea generator, listener, problem solver, and strategist. I find myself breathing a huge sigh of relief when Will gets involved.
— Ashley Pastore, Director of Marketing for Proaxis Therapy
Will Gray is forward thinking, creative, and almost always the smartest guy in the room.
— Phil Yanov, founder of GSATC and Tech after Five
Will has helped Rally identify priorities and opportunities through his creative facilitation process. Will has a gift for this particular work and I highly recommend him.
— Mike Cannon, President of Rally Prospecting
I would highly recommend Will to anyone looking for a talented team builder who thrives in environments with diverse people and opinions.
— William Collier-Byrd, Network Engineer at Facebook
We had been at a plateau in the growth of our company for a few years, and frankly myself and the other founder were about to throw in the towel. Chris came in and gained a true sense of our mission and vision by asking great questions and listening. He helped us focus our vision, clarify our market, and free our leadership team to focus on the critical. Not only did we stay, but this year we reached our revenue goal for the year by April!
— Mary, CEO of an international family of businesses