Here’s how we help you Grow Up so you can Scale Up.

Every company that reaches the Grow Up stage has different needs.

Some haven’t yet formed a leadership team. Others have processes that have gotten squirrelly. Still others are finding that the great culture they had with 15 people isn’t working anymore with 50 people.

Our Insight Month is designed to help us identify together what your company will need to scale up.

The categories below are the work we help with most often:


Identity Strengthening

  • Defining your unique future destination

  • Capturing your list of compelling DNA (values)

  • Assembling your flywheel

  • Over-communicating your identity

  • The Ritz-Carlton approach (identity as the basis for everything)

  • Making your identity tangible in the life of your business

Leadership Development

  • Forming a leadership team for the first time

  • Helping your leadership team get strong & healthy

  • Turning managers into coaches

  • Making your meetings effective

  • Learning how to make decisions as a team

  • Practicing healthy conflict

Process Streamlining


  • Internal processes

  • Customer-facing processes

  • Service recovery (aka “we screwed up”)

  • Onboarding / training

  • Handoffs

Culture Shaping

  • Creating an environment where your best culture can grow

  • Removing the incentives from bad culture

  • Beginning to celebrate and incentivize the best culture

  • Helping everyone in the business become leaders

  • Improving team member engagement

  • Helping teams get healthier, more open, and more engaged

Strategic Planning

  • 10-year dream capturing

  • 3-year picture (strategic planning)

  • 12-month plan (tactical planning)

  • 3-month quarterly rocks (tactical planning)

  • Designing individual performance goals

  • Choosing the best things to measure

  • Working from a business dashboard

Customer Experience Improvements

  • Designing or redesigning your customers’ first 100 days

  • Defining your ideal customer relationship & habits that lead there

  • Personalization (based on the Ritz-Carlton approach)

  • Developing talk triggers that help your customers evangelize you

  • Identifying your competitive difference

  • Helping your message resonate with the right people

We bring in partners if you need help with:

  • Recruiting

  • HR

  • Finances & Accounting

  • Operations efficiencies

  • Expansion / franchising strategies

  • Technology planning


Does this sound like what your company needs in order to get ready for growth?