Strong teams are the secret to organizational success.

It's a shame, but we're not usually taught how to succeed on a team. Instead, we're just thrown into teams, and we either sink or swim.

At ALIGN, we believe that succeeding on a team is a learned ability, something any team member can master. In fact, we use powerful principles that can transform not only your company's teamwork, but every relationship your team members are in.

If you want your teams to lead your organization to success, they'll need to be stronger.


Take your team to the next level.

Whether your team is brand new, or whether you've worked together for decades, ALIGN can help you to become stronger, more unified, and more effective.

Depending on your situation that work might look like:

          • A one-day Same Direction Retreat

          • Creating an environment of vulnerability-based trust 

          • Learning how to cultivate healthy conflict

          • Discovering team members' thinking and personality styles

          • Designing the best meetings, on the best schedule, for your team

          • Helping teammates to improve their personal culture

          • Resolving interpersonal challenges 

          • Improving delegation and accountability

          • Introducing collaborative thinking and approaches that fit your team