Every leadership team wants to work well together. But most can never find the right rhythm. 

It's a shame, but we're not usually taught how to succeed on a leadership team. Instead, we're just thrown in, and we either sink or swim.

The great news? Succeeding on a team is a learned ability, something any team member can master. 

Through ALIGN's signature Team ALIGNment Strength Sessions, your team can become more productive, happier, and a force for good in your organization.

What to expect:

We begin with a free, one-hour conversation with the team leader.

We can offer a diagnostic Team Checkup, which includes:

  • advance interviews with each team member
  • a three-hour interactive session with the entire team
  • diagnostics on the team's strengths and weaknesses
  • recommendations for next steps

We will recommend one or more Team ALIGNment Strength Sessions:

  • Valuing Clarity
  • Getting Into a Healthy Rhythm
  • Creating an Open Atmosphere
  • Understanding Differences
  • Learning How to Reach Consensus
  • Planning the Future Wisely & Well
  • Extending Alignment Beyond Your Team

Each of these Strength Sessions is offered as:

  • a three-hour interactive session
  • or a set of four one-hour interactive sessions